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EPOS System Benefits

The benefits of having an Epos in a busy dry cleaners cover so many areas of the business , ultimately saving both time and money, include:

Stock control – The SPOT EPOS system has the ability to monitor stock use and highlight to the user when orders need to be made.

Order tracking – automated emails and text messages can be sent to the customer. The SPOT system can send these at relevant stages of the service to prompt actions, ie collection, delays etc.

Offers and discounts – keep previous clients informed of current offers via email. Also apply discounts to staff and customers with a click of a button when using point of sale in face to face transactions.

Reporting – Online reporting, with a cloud based system, allows you to access vital information from anywhere. Particularly useful when submitting accounts at the end of the tax year.

Day-to-day Benefits for Dry Cleaners & Laundries

Running a retail or a contract-based business is becoming an increasingly complex process.  Long gone are the days when the days of a simple ticket book could be filled out, handed to the customer, and we could carry on with the real job, namely, expertly cleaning and pressing garments.

Paperless Transactions

Customers actually prefer not to have a ticket at all, as they feel it is not green/saves paper.  They prefer to have the ticket emailed to them. For those wanting a printed ticket, no problem. For the green crowd, ePOS will automatically email the ticket.  Lost tickets are not an issue either.  ePOS can search by customer name and all ready orders are displayed ready for pick up.

Quick Collection and Drop Offs

Customer are much more time poor so want to drop off their clothes as quickly as possible. The same goes for collection.  The happy to chat for a few minutes while complete details are taken every time they visit has been replaced with, “Can you hurry this up as the parking warden is going to give me a ticket”.

Convenient Payments

Cash transactions have reduced to a meagre few with the vast majority of customer wishing to pay by Debit/Credit Card or from a Smartphone App. Some customers actually prefer to leave their Credit Card Number “on file” so the Cleaner charges as soon as the order is ready.

Using PCI DSS compliant methodology, Credit/Debit Card details can be safely “stored”, as an encrypted token. No more fumbling around your bag or wallet to pay. Orders can even be prepaid once they are ready!

Easily Manage Customers

By managing customer in its Database, ePOS can “remember” all of the customer details, ?Name Address, Phone Number, etc but more importantly, it can record the customers preferences.  Do they prefer their shirts folded?  Perhaps very light Starch?

Keep Track of Orders

The SPOT EPOS system has ability to print the promised date right on the ticket. It can even send a text or email reminder when orders are ready so customers don’t forget to pick them up.


Production / Trac management

Using production tracking we can set up workflow steps

This is designed to ensure we meet the timescales and quality expectations demanded by the modern consumer.

Collection and Delivery – would add the following workflow steps:

  • Collection Arranged
  • Collection Successful
  • Items in Plant
  • Delivery arranged
  • Order in Van
  • Order Delivered

Tracking of items during Cleaning (SPOTTrac)

For the full benefit of tracking, one would add barcodes or RFID tags to each item. Aside from greatly reducing the time spent tagging, as the item now only needs to be tagged once and then simply scanned next time it arrives, each item can be “digitally moved” along the workflow steps.

With production tracking, you will always know where an item is.  Simply scan the barcode with the SPOTTrac App on your smartphone and it will tell you. It doesn’t stop there. You can use SPOTTrac to “move” items along the workflow steps, take pictures of items and store them in your ePOS as well as look at which order the item belongs to/when it was promised for.

Workflow Management (ProductionTrac)

To really get the full benefit of workflow management, add ProductionTrac to the Finishing Stations. In addition to advancing the workflow step to finishing, ProductionTrac counts the number of pieces processed and the time it takes per piece.  Should a piece be below the accepted quality level, it is returned to the presser and the count adjusted. Very accurate production rates can be established and employees rewarded for high quality consistent production rates.

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